Nonlinear Dynamic Steering Response of Unmanned Surface Vehicles Compared For Various Ship Models

The work resulted in a paper published as

C. Nataraj, and Pritesh Kasliwal, 2005, Intelligent Ships Symposium, May.


This paper analyses and compares the open loop dynamic response in steering motion of different ship models. Models considered include a one degree of freedom Nomoto model, a two degree of freedom linearized steering model, and a more sophisticated three degree of freedom model developed by Abkowitz. Using these equations and simulating different maneuverability situations for the three models, the dynamic and kinematic responses have been compared using published data of non-dimensional parametric values and hydrodynamic coefficients for three ships. The equations have been numerically solved and the motion of the ships have been plotted. The different models show very different responses for the same ships illustrating the very important need to use the right models for deriving controllers for unmanned tracking.