Rotor Dynamics

The dynamic problems in rotating machinery takes one into a complex and fascinating area and we have had the chance to work on a few of them. Listed below are a few of my wanderings. Some of this work has been funded by NASA Lewis Research Center and some by Office of Naval Research.

  •   Nonlinear phenomena
  •   Magnet Bearings
  •   Gear Dynamics
  •   Optimal Design of Centered Squeeze Film Dampers
  •   Hydrodynamic bearing interactions
  •   Active control of vibration
  •   Torsional vibration

We have developed a Finite Element model on MATLAB for dynamic analysis of rotating systems called ROTORLAB that can carry out linear and nonlinear analyses on industrial rotor systems with hydrodynamic bearings, couplings as well as magnetic bearings in a feedback control loop.

We have two rotor kits with probes and associated data acquisition hardware to carry out simulations of real-life industrial systems. One of them is supported on magnetic bearings. More details can be found here.

We teach a graduate course called Dynamics of Rotating Machinery in which we integrate a lot of these concepts.