High Performance Cluster

VCADS researchers have unlimited access to Augie, a High Performance Cluster (HPC), which is a newly installed cutting-edge research computing cluster. Dr. Nataraj was a Co-I on the NSF grant that secured Augie. Augie has exceptional computational capabilities to perform machine learning and optimization research. It has 11,392 GB RAM, 192 TB of storage space, 1,632 total AMD EPYC Series CPU cores, 2x Tesla A100 / 40 GB HBM2 Memory (GPU Nodes) and a High Speed Mellanox 200 Gbps HDR Infiniband Network Backplane. Software installed include LAMMPS, CP2K, Quantum Espresso, MATLAB, Simulink, R, Abaqus, TensorFLow, Python and COMSOL.